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Obligatory courses

Inter-disciplinary theory and method modules

• Basic module Theory and Methods (10 CP)

• Advanced module Research Debates (10 CP)


Project modules

• Practice: Internship abroad or in Germany with international focus or
research project abroad, normally combined with a semester at a University in the Atlantic space, or field research project abroad (30 CP)

(in cooperation with Universities and institutions in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Senegal, USA as well as in Spain, France, and Portugal)

• Integrated Learning Research (10 CP), course combined with a research project under the supervision of lecturers, one course can be used to acquire professional or language skills.


Master’s thesis (30 CP)


Elective obligatory courses

3 of the following topic modules (30 CP):

• Globalisation and Transcultural Spaces

• Inequality, Power, Difference

• Social, Religious and Cultural Movements

• Violence and the Regulation of Conflict

• Cultural Anthropology