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Applicants from Germany and the EU


The degree course is admission restricted. Application for Germans, ‘Bildungsinländer’ (non-German citizens who attended and graduated school in Germany) and EU members is possible online via the homepage of Leibniz University Hannover. The application deadline is the 15th of January and 15th of July of the year in which the study for summer and winter semester is scheduled to begin. Students should apply preferentially for the winter term as there are more places in the degree programme then and it is better to start with the basic module in October. In the summer term only some vacancies are distributed.

Applicants from non-EU countries

Applications can be submitted via the admissions office of Leibniz University Hannover: there you will find further information on online applications and application documents,


For all applicants:

Applicants of the Master's degree Atlantic Studies must have successfully completed a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree in a relevant subject or subject-related degree programme, in particular American Studies, English Studies, Ethnology, History, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Romance Studies and Sociology. Students with a degree from other cultural, humanities and social science subjects must have in-depth knowledge of the relevant regions or international interdependencies for the master’s programme. These requirements can also be fulfilled through an interdisciplinary Bachelor degree including these fields with regional focus like Latin American Studies or African Studies.

In addition, language skills (English and at least one other subject-related foreign language, preferably French and / or Spanish) are required and must be proven.

The current admission regulations can be found here:



To be submitted (this information is subject to changes by the Admissions Office):

·         Application for admission

·         BA Certificate or transcript of records of the BA studies (at least 150 credits) and a certificate of enrolment

·         Curriculum vitae

·         Language certificates (German for applicants without a German university entrance certificate or Bachelor's degree at a German university: B 1)


Certificates and proof of language proficiency must be submitted as certified copies.