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Fields of Employment

Students who have completed Master Atlantic Studies have acquired:

• a broad knowledge in social sciences and humanities

• Regional expertise on Latin America and Africa

• Practical experience in conducting own research projects

• Foreign language skills, international experience and intercultural skills

• Occupational competence, e.g. in the areas of development cooperation, political education, diplomatic service, media, cultural management and university and non-university research.


This knowledge and skills can be incorporated into the following occupational fields:

·      Universities, high schools and non-university research institutes (Testimonial L. Hülsen, Testimonial J. Salzbrunn, Testimonial F. Apelt)

·      Academic policies and management (Testimonial A. Hagshenas)

·      Adult education, Labour Unions (Testimonial A. Roeske)

·      Media, journalism, publishers (Testimonial N. Babalola)

·      Culture management, culture organisation, marketing, publicity

·      Policy consultancy – international government institutions, non-government organisations (NGOs)

·      Foundations with international orientation

·      International business companies and associations (Testimonial L. Rindermann)

·      Diversity Management of private Companies

·      Museums, Archives and Libraries.