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The Master’s degree Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society is a research-oriented, inter-disciplinary degree course. The regular study period is 4 terms = 120 Credit Points. No course fees are payable. Students achieve the degree: Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society (M.A.).

It is the only Master´s programme in Germany which focuses on the South Atlantic and trains interdisciplinary experts on Latin America and Africa with international experiences and intercultural skills.

Admission Requirements: A Bachelor's degree in American Studies, English, Ethnology, History, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Romance Languages and Literatures and Sociology and related subjects such as Political Science or International Relations (also interdisciplinary Bachelor degrees including these fields with regional focus like Latin American Studies or African Studies)

Application: summer and winter semester, the application deadline is the 15th of January for the summer term and the 15th of July for the winter term.
Students should apply preferentially for the winter term, see admission.

Course content: Relations between Africa, the Americas (especially Latin America and the Caribbean) and Europe from the 15th century to the globalized present.

The master's program "Atlantic Studies" is the only such degree programme in Germany that deals with the social, cultural, political and economic relations in the South Atlantic from an interdisciplinary perspective of the humanities and social sciences. The M.A. Atlantic Studies combines global history and historical anthropology, literary and cultural studies, sociology and cultural anthropology with newer viewpoints on gender relations and research on inequality.

Organization: Members of the Centre for Atlantic and Global Studieshttps://www.cags.uni-hannover.de/ with student representatives.

Special advantages of the training:

 • Integrated, professional field-oriented stay abroad during the programme (cooperation with Universities in Chile, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Senegal, USA among others, international internship servers)

• Acquisition of empirical research skills in the integrated research module, e.g. in cooperation with local institutions such as the regional museum and the local cinema and international guest lecturers

• Intensive support from the teacher and coordinator, possibility to individualize the emphasis of your studies.

Professional skills:

• The master's program "Atlantic Studies" trains its graduates to be regional and globalisation experts in the South Atlantic area "Latin America-Caribbean-Africa".

• The graduates possess versatile language and intercultural skills, exceptional international experience, project management skills and empirical research expertise.

• In the practice module, professional expertise can be acquired in sectors such as development cooperation, civic education, diplomatic service, media, cultural management and university and non-university research.


The Master Atlantic Studies is on Facebook (Contact to students).

The Spokeswoman of the master´s programme, Prof. Dr. Christine Hatzky, Latin American History, about the studies programme: download here.

Students Alessandra Guhr and Natascha Rempel explain why they chose the MA Atlantic Studies: downlaod here.