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Master Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society


The Master’s degree Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society is a research-oriented, inter-disciplinary degree course. The regular study period is 4 terms = 120 Credit Points. No course fees are payable.

It is the only Master´s programme in Germany which focuses on the South Atlantic and trains interdisciplinary experts on Latin America and Africa with international experiences and intercultural skills.

The Master´s programme is operated by the interdisciplinary Centre for Atlantic and Global Studies (see: www.cags.uni-hannover.de) with representation of the students of the MA Atlantic Studies in its meetings.

Students achieve the degree: Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society(M. A.).

Participating institutes: Department of History, Institute of Sociology, Department of English, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Department of Religious Science

The Master Atlantic Studies is on facebook (contact to the students)